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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jaques Costeau Redux

Well, well. My diving instructor Walter turned out to be not as much of a supporter as I thought. Despite his promise we would dive the next day he simply disappeared. Then the day after he never mentioned diving again, avoided me and would sort of look away in guilt whenever I made eye contact.

Strange, I´ve never been summarily "dumped" by a diving instructor. Bad enough being kicked out of diving class, but feeling like you were a bad one night stand, and moreover, someone who had paid for it, really has to take the cake.

Perhaps he was just as uncomfortable as I when trying to do my skills tests; the lake´s current kept pushing me directly into Walter´s face as I floundered in my flippers necessitating him to keep pushing me away.

At least C´s spanish has improved and perhaps next time, I will do my confined test within the safety of a currentless pool and a diving instructor who can´t get away.


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