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Monday, April 12, 2010

Tunisia Shhhhh!

Finding an internet cafe in Tunis has been like trying to buy drugs at the White House.

Most unnerving about internet use is that one must present and have ID copied and a search done on you before you are alloed to go on the net

This is because Tunisia is an olicepay atestay and everything is oniteredmay including ommunicationcay

i hope to have suitably postable musings by tomorrow which dont have to be put in the only code i know which i learned in grade four its just that i havent had use for codes since i stopped living with my parents

However as they cant understand what i say in very passable french i don t think they ll have copped on to Latinus Porcus....

That is unless i hit another wrong button and my script immediately changes to arabic yet again


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