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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is It Safe?

We have arrived in Cabo San Lucas Mexico on the Baja Pennisula. The area is famous for its jet setters, kids on party detail, aquamarine seas and the Hotel California.

However it being Mexico, home to endless drug wars, Americans are reticent to come here anymore. The local Cabo luxury life magazine, which promotes timeshares and condo buys, focused on this question in its most recent issue. The article was titled 'Cabo San Lucas - Is It Safe' The statistics were supposed to appease doubters. A number of American ex pats attested to the relative safety of Cabo as opposed to the rest of Mexico. The article noted that there were only 46 violent deaths in 2010 and 'none of them due to cross fire!'it ended cheerfully. The real information though is in the ommissions. They are unable to advise readers that none of the deaths involved turistas, decapitations nor were related to drug violence. Only that none were the result of crossfire.

Nevertheless, the most dangerous experience we have had so far is the endless shifting prices quandary. The price of everything changes by the hour and depends upon who is selling you what and whether, apparently, a cruise ship is in. For example in this very internet cafe I have been charged for 15 minutes computer use, the varying amounts of 'don´t worry it´s free' to 1 peso, 5 pesos and yesterday´s highway robbery price of 10 pesos for under a minute.

However I am finally becoming inured to the ubiquitous rip offs which brings a state of peace indicated by not even rolling your eyes anymore and simply drinking a cold Pacifica beer.


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