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Monday, February 09, 2015


Cenotes are weird natural limestone sinkholes that cover the Yucatan. To understand what I am talking about imagine a small hole on the surface of the earth which, after millennia of dripping water, both underground and above, produces an enormous bowl like cave roofed over with surface rock.  The roof above you features a small hole in which sunlight is let in.

In the cave itself is a large pristine pool of filtered crystal water pure blue in colour and home to many fish some large others small.

You must descend down steep and crude steps which are slick with water and arrive below to see a cathedral high ceiling where bats flap about up the many stories to the sunlit forest floor.

Dive into the ice blue water and swim under stalagmites while little fish nibble at your feet.

It was a bit like the scene from the old movie journey to the Centre of the earth where they gaze at a world where the rocks are luminescent and there is a giant mushroom forest.

C rates today and two different  cenotes visits as the second best time so far in her life.

She now plans that we will spend the next three weeks going cenotes to cenote.

I can see why the maya understood them to be a gateway to the other world.


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