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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fiesta Flirtation

We were in the small colonial town of campeche for carnival and caught a fantastic parade of a few thousand men and women in traditional costume dancing down the main street.

I will upload photos once I get home as I can't get the software onto the tablet.

Apart from the gorgeous dancers, I had a rather odd but pleasing surprise. Catherine and I were standing on the  the parade route when a young Mayan woman in a beautiful dress broke from the parade and sought me out to give me the shirt she was using as a handkerchief which dancers spin around their head while they dance..

Having read the Lacuna however I knew what THAT meant leaving me rather puzzled.

Catherine however put it down to a lovely gesture of welcome and friendship to a foreigner.

My take is that it means Im easy on  the eyes to  ladies of many nations. ;^)


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