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Thursday, March 02, 2017

the baddest pipe in the world

Sadly I have been so sick for the last 4 days I have been barely functioning.  I knew as we sat on the bus that tossed us stem to stern that the woman hacking directly behind me would infect me with some Uber virus that would take me down for days.  And I was right.

Now able to at least stand I tell about playa Zicatela

The beach is kilometers long and some of the most  beautiful sand one could imagine. .

However it is one of the most  dangerous beaches in the surfing world having a riptide and under tow that terrifies even the strongest surfers.  My one surf friend from Baha, Mexico moved here to challenge his surfing skills.

No one can swim here.

What beach is best surf I asked my friend from Baha? There are many other beaches near here.

Zicatela. It is the exciting one but so dangerous.  How do you deal with the danger I asked?

You must train yourself to remain Tranquillo.

I watched surfers being rolled like laundry in waves approaching 20 feet.

Tonight the waves were like kittens lapping at the milk of the shore. Though still so dangerous one is cautioned about even walking the water that comes up to the sand.

The last two nights the waves were as if Poseiden, had taken all his rage out against the sand pounding his fists on the shore which grew smaller with each 20 ft wave.

The five surfers afloat his willing supplicants.

Happy to be Poseiden's toys, if they can be allowed to have play in his mighty kingdom.



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