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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

the canals xochimilco

The Aztec empire established their capital of tenchtitlan where present day Centro historic mexico city stands. 500 years ago this was an island in the middle of a shallow lake connected to more solid land by cause ways.

At the south end of the city still run canals built  by people to navigate the swampy areas outside the great city. People still grow food and flowers along what are called floating gardens.  That is because the Aztec created Island's on top of raised areas adding soil to create gardens of food a d flowers you reach by boat.

Today mexicans go to the canals and rent brightly painted gondolas for a slow relaxed trip along the canals.

mariachi bands, marimba players and people plying tortillas float up to you asking if you want to hire them or buy their comida..

along the canals are plant nurseries selling all variety of flores for your garden including my personal favourite plants carnivores!

What we call  ends fly traps.

On the weekend it's a non stop party kids renting a gondola, they sell you cervesa before you depart, a bucket of cold drinks before embark or just canoe up to you as you glide along the canals.

Returning  drunk 16 year old were completely baracho, and sang love songs on the distortion. Volume boom box to me and Catherine.

Bumper car gondolas coloured with the paint of a thousand artists and ancestors  dancing I  the breeze of trees, water, ducks, music and a couple vigilant puppies.


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