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Friday, February 20, 2015

The Rooster Crowed at midnight then again at 1am, 2am, 5am, 6 am and finally stopped when we got up at 11am

By the time we were packed up and ready to go, said rooster, now Catherine's sworn enemy finally lay down to sleep.  So then I woke him up taking pictures of him.

Random thoughts about mexico. Why do they have so many zapaterias? Do people really buy all that many shoes? They are everywhere.  I also puzzle on the number of auto parts shops. While there are tons of old Volkswagen beetles everywhere most of the cars are new. Therefore why all the parts shops.

I am also puzzled by the number of small shops selling just one thing that I wouldn't imagine was in high demand.   For example a store right on the main plaza in Campeche that sold only ribbons. Or the nail polish store.

My guess is that rents aren't that high and they use sales to supplement a very modest income.

Off to mahahual today on the Caribbean Sea

A gorgeous few days in bacalar enjoying the crystal laguna and now cenote azul, a large open air cenote which truly blue with 28 degree water and a nice bar restaurant on the shore.


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