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Monday, February 23, 2015

Mahahual Reefs Puppies and Aquamarine Water

We are in Mahahual a small town along the great maya coral reef. It is the largest reef in the northern hemisphere. I actually haven't really experienced anything like a pristine sugar sand beach with warm seas, sun, waves and cervesa bar chock a block. This because catherine and I don't do beach resorts. But I have to say this is fantastic.  We are in a small boutique hotel next to the water.  There isn't a gringo in town and about 10 tourists other than us who are all European.

The secret to the towns success is that a cruise ship will come in every morning at 5 am and leave by about 1 pm. Therefore we miss all the tourists as they apparently disembark after their dawn arrival to get blasted before breakfast, buy stuff and then leave around lunch.

As we had breakfast late this morning a cabal of Americans from south carolina did appear. The size of giants they sported brush cuts, bad patriotic tattoos and proceeded to order 7 Marguerites followed by multiple tequila shots. They were still there long into the late afternoon, still with the shots, the beers, crude jokes and their women now absent. Not  that we found the women, out of a jerry springer episode, any better company.

I wondered if they actually could come from the same country that voted in Obama, twice.

They scare me.

The sea is lovely, the water crystal, the pelicans and weird birds that look like flying dinosaurs put you in another world. I love the trumpet fish that swim right at the shore.

It's nice to just swim, have a beer, then swing on swings in the beach bars, get  a massage and watch the sun go down.

Sweet beach dogs, fresh seafood, the locals and just us.


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