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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

magic bus

No. The bus was not magic. I just like the WHO song title and thought it was fitting.

From Pacifica mahahuL we took the direct bus which got you from the south to the north in the best time with, apparently, little hassle.

Having been in 3rd world buses many, many times we are  prepared for either something that moves the speed of an ox cart or a maniac who has delusions of being Steve mcqueen.

I had no problem with the crazed driver who was inspired to get the passengers 350 km in just over 2 hours.

I applaud that kind of get up and go attitude. Though I spend each moment pretty 7much saying prayers to saints I know nothing of or don't believe in.

However when mister bus drivers mistress, tagging along, got the small seat behind him and decided to start some grand seduction, whispering in his ear, massaging his shoulders over and over, then stroking his hair while he was doing 135 km on  single lane highway, in dusk, I had had enough.

even he was a tad irritated pushing her hand away while he put on prescription glasses.

Would that bloody @34567 woman stop pawing him I finally said loudly.  Luckily drive boy was too enraptured with the heated breath in his ear to pay me any notice as he, gunned the small bus either faster to get to his reward or as a demonstration of his masculinity.

He also held her agog with his prose as he spent over an hour, while I watched for oncoming traffic, telling her all sorts of things motioning often with one or more hands.

I personally didn't know what tales a short run  ADO bus driver would have possibly had that  could keep a woman so focused, but hell, he may be a great poet.

Catherine told me not to cause  scene after my outburst and  kept suggesting that I focus on the spanish dubbed film about a dancing blue parrot.

 we finally got near tumul and the girlfriend finally sat down.

I think maybe the driver has a wife in tumul. He acted like he didn't know her.

when I got back on the bus she was assigned a seat now away.  A woman and child in her old seat. She had a bunch of bad movie and gossip magazines on her lap, all run through.

I didn't feel mad at her anymore.


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