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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Animals of Mahahual

The small village of mahaual was home to an interesting array of beasties.

First there was a fishing dog. She belonged to the guy that ran a coffee cafe.  She delighted in jumping through the surf like one of Santa's reindeer.  After getting her Yayas out she would sit at the waters edge and stare intently into the water, concentrating so hard she would shake. Then a minute later she would pounce at some unsuspecting fish and try and snap it up. As the fish were spear faced trumpet fish almost translucent white, it would make catching them even more difficult for dogs who see in black and white.

I concluded that the fishing dog was sighting the fish by the shadows they cast against the white sand in the bright sun.

There was also the cute local puppy contingent consisting of the town favourite, Bruno, and his partner in crime, a puppy slightly older than Bruno.  They loved chasing each other up and down the beach and stalking seabirds who laughed off the hunt and simply rose up like helicopters into the ocean breeze when the dogs appeared.

Brunos buddy appeared to be of golden retriever stock and thus reminded us of our own perpetual puppy, Alice.  We therefore dubbed her Alice junior.

Just like our Alice she loves everyone and is extremely curious.  Catherine left the beach the other day to step into the hotel only to find that Alice junior had followed her from the water and up into the hotel. Said puppy had no bones about letting herself in and  wandering around  the hotel checking the stairs, kitchen and any open rooms out.

The staff paid no notice to Alice junior, the only one upset was Pacho the resident hotel cat who was rather big for her britches and ruled over the place like a Contessa.

The diva Pacha held lifes brass ring... except for two things.

Number one was Sandy. Sandy was the cat who lived in the corner dive shop. She took great relish in leaving her beachfront home and wandering into pacha s turf.

The one thing Sandy enjoyed even more than torturing Pacho i think, was torturing Misha, the cat who lived at the hotel across and down aways from ours.

Which brings us to the second torment to Pacho.  It was of course Misha who took great joy in leaving her hotel turf to go and drive Pacho to distraction.

I think only thing Pacho and Misha had in common was their mutual loathing of Sandy the surf cat and oh, all the village dogs.


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