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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

tetanus bus

Damn. 2 whole weeks of freak cold weather followed by unseasonable pouring rains have made much of our trip a misery. The fact that all the hotels or hostels have no hot water; a curse upon us,  then followed by places with no water at all.

we fled livingston a small town. It was recommend by the rough guide as the 4th best thing to see in guatemala. A place of emaciated dogs, filth and garbage. And as my father would say: and other than that, how did you enjoy the play Mrs. Lincoln.

we got on an overloaded open boat at 630 am.  The guy gave us big tarp and rocketed through capsize waves that threw the small boat and us flying thru the air.  I had an India moment: I was sick from both ends, tired, fed up and angry.

Jesus fucking Christ I started screaming as Catherine and the guy next to me hid from the torrents of rain under the tarp.  I am so fucking sick of the recklessness  of these countries. I can't take it anymore!

but I did and survived though catherine wouldn't talk to me the whole day for embarrassing her.

Next a man picks us up in a tourism bus.  I began to feel like we had hired human smugglers. Only 20 minutes to the border he said taking our money and telling us how to fill out immigration forms.

Next the border where the line I choose had the one guy  taking all his elderly relations into honduras.

them some weird taxi where we were handed off to maxi.  He would take care of us we were assured.

maxi was supposed to take us into the bus station and buy our tickets for us. However our rudimentary spanish  led him to believe that he could abandon us with a clear conscience.

We were 2 Canadians and a very young  brit woman.

as soon as we got into the station  at San Pedro Sula, voted world's most dangerous city in 2012, a hustler grabbed young brit and took her to get tickets to make the 430 ferry to utila.

we followed being polite canucks. Usually I am more savvy but two weeks of being sick takes the stuffing out of you.

I have never seen a more gross bus.  I mean that in the 12 year old nineteen seventies meaning of the word.

To say it was filthy would be mild.  Hondurans are very clean people. How the hell did this bus get this way?

all the panels were kicked in and broken or just ripped out.

the seats had bugs on them and gum. There was a decking of filthy Bus Curtains Stained With God Knows what on each window.

Catherine just looked at me.

as the bus got going I cheered up a bit.  The driver wasn't a maniac as most drivers are believing that if you drive super fast and dangerously you are less likely to be car jacked.

then the sun came out and the mountains were beautiful and it took my mind off the possibility of contracting typhus from the curtains.


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