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Sunday, February 07, 2016

the thing about travellin

An awful night and day. Woke up at 320 am after a whole day of working to catch the shuttle to the airport. A 6 hour lay over in the Panama airport 50 km from Panama city. Sitting in a hot humid bar the only one in a large airport  only devoted solely to high end commerce. That's how aeropeurtos make their money now.

Nursing lite beer as I sweat.  A large gregarious American saddles up. The guy with that weird us accent that sounds half Houston half south though he's from neither of these places.  "How you long here fer girl?" Asking while laughing that bray only americans can do.

"5 and a half hours"

"You serious? If I was you I would get ripped.  Just jacked shit. "

He bought 8 beers 6 doubles of rum and coke all the time calling the bartender Jose though that I think was not his name.

He told me to buy myself a drink and a drink for the panicking young woman who ran up next to me. She was going to be late for her plane.

Why do I travel?

24 straight hours of travel and no sleep.

This morning I awoke to purple and pink flowers tumbling over walls  next to the vista of a jungle running up the side of a volcano..

And at sunset watching Volcan fuego erupt every few minutes . At dark she sent fiery plumes into the sky. I woud clap at the really good shows.  Catherine said it was one of the best days of her life. Watching the volcano erupt fire lava sitting in a garden sipping wine and listening to kids run and play like crazy puppies. Men loud drunk and like a vocal fuego

The  mass at the cathedral ends with chants  communion done by a woman.

A feral cat returns the volcano erupts again

this is why I travel


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