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Thursday, February 11, 2016

hot springs

An hour and a half via tortuous spine ripping dirt roads worse than even Costa Rica where roads go by names such as the axel grinder and a river runs through it.

I expected Roman luxury at the springs and the guilt inducing slow drive along the road only exacerbated my anxiety. But I began to wonder. What the hell kind of rich turistas drive impassable roads to go to some suave spa?

We arrived at "the spa".

completely ingenius.

For a few dollars and cents these honduras guys have utilized physics, nature and common  sense

they live with cascading streams of molten hot water.  Why not just cut the flow for a few days:  Build 6 or 7 small tubs down the mountain  side then pipe in cold river water at different rates of flow. Voila 6 to 7 different temperatures of hot tubs without the need for electric power, pumps or cleaning.  Let the mountain do your work. The water always flushes the rock tubs as it flows, like the streams themselves, downhill.

Catherine and I are lounging in the hottest pool right  next to a huge waterfall, of water coming straight from inside a volcano.

Brilliant.  Alone literally in the jungle in these crazy steaming pools.

you would never get away with it in canada.  The hot water comes into the small pool at some 100 something Celsius. It would remove skin. You just have to not touch it. But there are no warning signs.  You mix the scalding water and cold water with your hands.

I begin to relax and look up to the canopy.  Ancient trees, vines: the mist from the river.

Catherine then says "I hope there isn't an earthquake.  That would be an awful way to go".


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