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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mexico city

Great day wandering Centro historic in mexico city. Across the main square to the cathedral where mass was being held. Outside various groups of men and women dressed in Aztec clothing danced in an approximation of what have been the Aztec dance tradition. They lay out fruit and burn incense while the drummers change rhythms to alter the dance steps. Counter this with the sight of literally hundreds of police in riot gear marching single file by the dancers towards zocalo, where a massive demonstration against president will take place. It appears he is as popular as a puppy amongst a colony of feral cats.

My favourite officer was a female officer completely made up sporting pearl earrings like the queen wears, holding her face shield riot helmet, sporting full gladiatorial shin and knee guards.

After that off to temple mayor to be astounded by the Aztec constructions and the immense size of the buildings before the conquest.  At the museum you can take in the affinity the Aztec had for dispatching human sacrifices, often  great honour for beheaded warriors.

I will comment that the effigies of sacrificed infants Creeped me a tad but not as much as the obsidian sacrifice knives adorned with a faux eye and teeth.

Sunday had a festival atmosphere today with families visiting museums and sites which are free to nationals on Sunday. We watched  magician, opera singers busking la boheme, then finally a group of dancing acrobats holding court on Avenue madero.

the one thing we are quite surprised at is the total absence of any gringo turistas. We appear so far to be the sole ones. I have to assume mexico and me Xi co city,s undeserved rep as Centre of danger means we are one of the few gringo faces.


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